Testimonials (Dr Anthony Wong)

Dr. Anthony’s knowledge and adjustment skills have relieved my low back pain that injured after the horse riding incident in just 4 sessions of treatment. Highly recommended Dr. Anthony and will continue the treatment so that I can enjoy horse riding again.

Hirmanto Suib

Dr. Anthony is one of a kind Doctor of Chiropractic and I am happy to be under his care. I have been seeing him since last 6 months mainly for left hip pain. He is courteous and compassionate. He attends to his patients very closely. His treatment is very effective and I feel much improvement after the treatment done by Dr. Anthony.

Chin Kwee Lam

It is such a pleasure to be Dr. Anthony’s patient. I truly appreciate the time he spent to help me recover my backache issues. I feel better after his adjustment every session. Because of that, I can continue doing my sports without any worries. In fact, I could perform far better in my futsal match after receiving his chiropractic treatment. Thank you for your wonderful services!

Kenji Kho

Sometimes in March 2017, I went to consult Dr. Anthony for a nagging pain at the back of my neck, in my right shoulder and twitching on my lower right eye. I was told it was stress related, muscle tightness and sitting posture especially in front of the computer for long hours. After I few sessions, which was twice weekly, the pain at the back of the neck and shoulder disappeared and I felt so much better. The twitching of the eye still persists but not so frequent nowadays. Dr. Anthony was very attentive and professional during each session and I have full confidence in him. Many thanks to Dr. Anthony and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Yong Wee Lang

Before I met Dr. Anthony, I have been suffering from very sore back and neck to a point it hurts and it affected my movement even. It was very uncomfortable and it made daily activities very difficult. I have been suffering from this for over a year now until when two and a half months ago I met Dr. Anthony. In this short period of time, he has relieved my pain and guided me to learn how to take care of myself better. I am very grateful and fortunate to have met him. Thank you, Dr. Anthony for your help!