Testimonials (Dr Esther Ong)

Before treatment I was suffering from lower back pain. And the worst thing is I couldn’t manage to carry heavy things. After several sessions of treatments done by Dr Esther, my back pain was relieved. Thank you and I will definitely recommend my colleague to come for treatment.

CoCo Chan Suet Vooi

Before chiropractic care I was suffering severe pain on my upper back for long time. I felt pain when I wake up early in the morning and I felt it almost every day. After undergoing chiropractic care by Dr Esther, my upper back pain and also shoulder pain have improved and felt much relieved. Dr Esther is concerned about my postures and gave advice on proper ergonomics. She did her best to treat my problem. I am grateful that Dr Esther has solved my problem. I will introduce my friends and family to chiropractic. Thank you.

Chris Chia Snia Chin

I was having low back pain for quite some time. I went through injection and took medication but my they didn’t give any relief. I was recommended by a friend to Chiropractic. After treatment I see improvement and eventually recovered. Dr Esther helped a lot in my condition not only my major complaint but also my whole spine. Thanks to Dr Esther I no longer need to take medication and injection.

Eunice Yeoh

长年来的背部和肩膀酸痛, 肌肉紧绷, 久坐久站都会感觉非常酸痛。睡眠质量也因为肌肉僵硬而大大的减低。经过治疗颈部和肩膀已经有了改善,腰部问题经过每周的调整也已经放松许多,可以坐和站久了。

Siah Li Li

I was suffering from lower back pain and pain on my shoulder due to scoliosis and prolonged hours of using computer. This has affected my performance at work as a software engineer which requires me to deal with computer work for long hours. After I attended chiropractic treatment, I do not feel any pain at my lower back and shoulder region after work. I was also given postural and ergonomic advices as well as some exercises to prevent reoccurrence of my pain.

Lee Kim Loong

在还没做治疗前, 肩膀和颈项天天都觉得酸痛。 最严重的是腰部,长期都处于疼痛状态。坐久后不等站直走路,站久后会更加严重, 无法站直也无法坐直。经过5次的治疗,肩膀和颈部不会觉得酸痛了。背部和腰部整体也轻松了,走路也能走直了。

Ivy Tai

I was having neck and shoulder pain and I get tired easily. The muscles around my neck are very tight and makes me feel uncomfortable. I am also having scoliosis at my back. After chiropractic treatment my curve is getting improvement and I don’t get tired easily.

Cheong Yi Sin

I was experiencing radiating pain and burning sensation on my right leg on constant basis for several months. At times the pain on my lower back and right leg would be too painful that restrict my mobility. Also, I was experiencing chronic neck and shoulder pain which even caused serious headache and blurred vision for prolonged period. My neck and shoulder muscles were very tensed and tight. Chiropractic treatment has helped to reduce the frequency and intensity of pain on my lower back and right leg. Now the pain only happens occasionally on rather short duration. My neck and shoulder feel much lighter and softer with minimal reoccurring pain. Neck movements are also more flexible now.

Choong You Jian