Effective, “NO” Drugs, Safe

Chiropractic is a drugless and hands-on healing form of art. Chiropractors perform adjustments on their patients in order to correct the musculoskeletal dysfunction in the spine and other joints.

An adjustment in chiropractic is defined as the therapeutic movement of a bone or joint to restore its normal function and remove the nerve interference it causes. Misalignment or dysfunction in a joint can cause pain because a joint is not moving correctly or is not in its normal alignment. This dysfunction can also cause a host of problems such as:

  • muscle spasm or imbalance
  • restricted movement
  • inflammation
  • predisposition to degeneration
  • inhibition or irritation of your nervous system

All of these affect your overall health.

Your body is controlled by your Nervous System. Your brain, spinal cord, and all of the nerves in your body work to keep all aspects of you functioning. These spinal nerves exit through areas of your spinal column. When one of the bones in your spine is not in the right place, there may be pressure on the nearby nerve. This can interfere with its transmission and ultimately affect how you function.

In chiropractic, we closely examine the spine to look for those areas of interference, called subluxation, and we correct the problem with a subtle joint shift referred to as an “adjustment.” Your doctor can tell you more, and answer any questions you may have, during your initial appointment.