Testimonials (Dr Arthur Tong)

Before chiropractic care, I was suffering severe pain on lower back and couldn’t carry out normal activities such as lifting heavy things and even just walking. After a few chiropractic care sessions with Dr Arthur, I am now able to walk without serious pain and my body becomes more flexible. The pain on lower back is minimal as I can carry out my normal daily activities.

Ooi Siew Nge

I have been experiencing a sore back for some time. Doing stretching exercises was not comfortable especially for my back. I signed up a package for treatment and I am nearing the end of the course. I am happy to inform that the soreness on my back has greatly reduced. Thanks to Dr Arthur.

Herbert Leong

I injured my lower back during gym session. I tried a couple of massage sessions but didn’t help me. The pain was so bad until it wakes me up from sleep at night. Dr Arthur treated me for couple of sessions. The first session helped me release a lot of tension and the pain is much lesser. I am fully recovered now after several sessions of treatments and I can return to my gym routine.

Lee Ming Ping

I was traumatized by the pain from my back to my foot for more than 12 years. Even after so many doctors, sensei and treatments that I have been through. All sorts of modern and traditional treatments did not alleviate or relieve my pain. Just after first visit of treatment by Dr Arthur, I felt instant relief. A rush of blood flow through my body straight to my heel. I felt that I’m very comfortable and sleepy. It is a sensation that I have long forgotten which is to sleep with no pain or strain on my back and foot. That is how I felt right after my first treatment here.

Gan Chun Keat

Before I come to clinic I have lower back pain due to scoliosis and slipped disc and I have a very bad shoulder pain due to long hours of using PC due to the nature of my work. After a number of sessions, both my shoulder and lower back improved. My lower back improved tremendously. I could go to holiday and walk around all day and there is no pain even in the night when I’m resting. Thank you, Dr Arthur.

Mohd Najman Bin Mohd Maliki

Before I come for chiropractic treatment I was having very bad migraine and aches on both shoulders. I’m feeling so much better after a month of treatments. And I was also having lower back problems. Dr Arthur treated me with trigger point therapy and now my lower back is so much better. He also helped me with my left ankle sprain which on and off gave me pain. Here I would like to thank Dr Arthur for the care he has given to me.

Tam Lean Gin, Betsy

Before doing any treatment, I felt my backbones were tearing apart. It feels like my backbones are breaking while I stay on a position for long period. It also hurts while I’m doing any sports. After seeing the chiropractic, by knowing that my backbones were misaligned, I was advised to start the treatment. After three weeks of treatment till now, I felt better. I can lay on the same position for hours, playing sports without any soreness or pain. In conclusion, the pain had reduced. I believe after full treatment as advised by the doctor, it will cure my spine for good. Each time after I do my treatment it gives me hope that I will grow few inches tall and hopefully it will happen someday.


I had back pain for more than 27 years. I injured my back when I was 18 years old. I had been to Chinese sensei, massage centre and even have seen orthopaedic twice and yet the pain was still there. I can’t stand too long otherwise I have to squad down for some time to let the pain go away. Sometimes I can’t sleep due to the back pain and it was really torturing. Coming to seek treatment for my back pain was my best ever decision made. Just after few sessions, I noticed that I was getting less pain in my back. I proceeded the treatment for few months and I can say that I’m now free from back pain. I am a lecturer and I can stand for long hours now without feeling any pain at my back. I can even walk for long distance in my recent holiday with my family. I’m truly grateful for Dr Arthur for his care and skills in solving my back pain problem. He is highly recommended. Thank you.

Jestinne Yong

I have been suffering from lower back spinal compression problem for almost 5 years. I feel pain on my lower back and pain radiates to my right leg. I am unable to run on treadmill anymore. Holidays are not something enjoyable anymore. Orthopaedic doctor will tell me to perform a surgery to correct my problem but I refused each time for fears of long term side effect and surgery mishaps. The clinic is very professional in handling my problem. They first requested me to take a x- ray scan to identify the problem. I then faithfully attended all the clinical sessions since September 2016. Now I do not feel any pain anymore on my lower back and right leg for walking too far or standing too long unlike before. I am very grateful to Dr Arthur for his meticulous and professional care and treatment. You do not have to suffer like I did. Dr Arthur will be my recommendation for you as I am a living testimony.

Chris Lum Kare Heng